Bridal Party Attire

And you thought choosing your own gown was a monumental achievement! Now you have to work on making some of your best girlfriends happy, not to mention your flower girl and that cute, but petulant, page boy.

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Let’s start with your bridesmaids. It’s usual for them to pay for their own outfits. However, if you have your heart set on dresses that are divine but a bit over the top price-wise, you might consider helping out with the payment. Remember too that your bridesmaids are likely to have different body shapes and sizes, and one style may not suit them all. A solution is to opt for a simple, elegant design, or choose one colour and fabric that you know will flatter them all, and allow each to select a style to suit.

Dress length (which will be determined by the formality of your wedding) might be the only rule to consider here. And if that’s the case, ensure that the hemlines of all the dresses are the same distance from the floor. Start by setting the hemline for your tallest attendant and work from there. If the dresses are short, make sure that your bridesmaids all wear the same colour pantihose.

Like you, your bridesmaids will be spending much of your wedding day on their feet, so think comfort. If they choose different shoe styles, you can always have the shoes dyed or re-covered to create a united front.

Young attendants can be fussy folk to dress, and the last thing you need on the day is grumpy children. Simplicity and comfort are key considerations here.

Flower girls’ dresses could be a simpler version of your gown or your bridesmaids’, while page boys look cute in romantic pantaloon-style trousers, a ruffled shirt and a jacket. Because young boys can feel uncomfortable in a full suit, dark trousers and a shirt with a vest are a better choice for formal weddings.

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