What To Wear To A Wedding?

The wedding season is in full swing and it's always hard deciding what to wear if invited to a wedding.

What To Wear To A Wedding?
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There are some ultimate don’ts for the guests and rocking up in a white dress is certainly one of them. Unless it is an all-in-white reception, female guests should avoid outfits that could potentially compete with the bride’s wedding gown. Too many embellishments can produce a similar effect, so the safest bet is to keep it simple and pick a smart, feminine dress which isn’t too casual or too revealing.

It is very important to stick to the dress code. Decipher it meticulously and if you are not certain what you are expected to wear, just ask the bride-to-be for suggestions. Remember that your attire should be appropriately chosen for the time of day as well. While an elegant floral dress is perfect for a daytime wedding, a chic little black dress will work for any evening event.

Rules for men are much simpler, but their suit must meet the formality of the event. It should be a dark suit for formal evening receptions, or a tuxedo if the dress code says black tie.

City sleek or country chic?

If you are invited to a rustic-style wedding in the countryside, a simple but sophisticated summer dress is a great choice since you need something comfortable for a day out of town. Since you will be walking on grass surfaces, replace your sexy stilettos with a pair of comfy wedges or opt for elegant flats. Feel free to choose bright hues and colour blocking combinations for a daytime wedding reception as you don’t want your outfit to blend into the natural background. With a colourful summer dress you can keep accessories to the minimum and opt for a natural make-up look.

City weddings often require a little more effort. Your choice of attire will depend on the formality of the event, time of day and maybe even on the style of venue, but once you pick the right dress you should work with accessories to perfect your outfit.  Since you want to look your best but not over the top, opt for a statement piece of jewellery to glam up your styling rather than wear a frock with too many embellishments. Also avoid sequins for a day event and don’t wear anything too sexy like a revealing strapless gown or a see-through dress. Unless the dress code says black or white tie, a simple cocktail dress accessorised with a few catchy details can’t be a miss.

Whether it is a city or countryside wedding, if the dress code is semi-formal, basic rules are that a woman should wear a cocktail dress or elegant skirt and top, while men can wear a dark or light suit, depending on the season and time of day.

Black tie vs. white tie

Black tie doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a floor-length gown. You can go for a dressy cocktail gown or a very elegant tea-length frock, but make sure that your outfit is formal enough and that you choose appropriate accessories. If the dress code says black tie optional, you can even go with a black cocktail dress, while men are allowed to wear dark suits, instead of a tuxedo – which is definitely a must of it is a classical black tie wedding day.

White tie is the most formal attire, so you should pick a glamorous maxi dress if you don’t want to look under dressed. Remember to avoid white and ivory shades as well as heavy embellishments, but do pick a stylish floor-length gown and pair it with glamorous accessories such as diamond jewellery. Men should wear classical white tie suits which includes a black single-breasted tail coat with silk lapels, while a shirt with detachable wing collar, cufflinks and studs, white hand-tied bow tie, white evening waistcoat and black lace-up shoes worn with black socks are appropriate.

Perfect outfit for the beach wedding

The dress code for a beach wedding can also be formal, semi-formal and informal, so make sure to check what are you expected to wear as a guest. If the ceremony is held on the sand you should definitely avoid high heels and opt for sandals, wedges or flip flops. Formal beach weddings require men to wear elegant summer suits with sandals, while women can pick a more formal summer sundress and wear it with flats.

If you are invited to a beach wedding, it is important to think about elements like hot weather, wind and sandy surfaces, so pick a comfortable outfit that will look good on wedding photos. The best choice is a lightweight dress with a longer hemline that won’t get sand soiled and an elegant jacket or wrap that will protect you from the ocean breeze.

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