Tips For Buying Your Wedding Gown

Buying the perfect wedding gown is not an easy task as it takes time and requires a strategy. You need to start early and probably try out many different gowns until you find the right one for you.

Tips For Buying Your Wedding Gown | Lost In Love
Lost In Love

It takes months for the dress to be made after you order it and you will probably need a few fittings to make it perfect which is why it is essential to start early. Even if you are looking for cost-effective solutions, you might need to wait to get a good discount. Read our five key tips for buying your wedding gown

Set a budget

It is very important to set the budget before you go shopping. Brides usually spend about 15% of the total wedding costs, but the percentage might rise if you need some additional services such as alterations or professional steaming. If you want a dress for less, you can buy a bargain at a sample sale or browse some ready-to-wear pieces and bridesmaid’s gowns, which can be just as beautiful.

Do your research

You are probably new to the world of wedding gowns, so do your homework and learn all the basics like silhouettes, sizes, shades and types of fabric. There is a whole new dictionary to learn so that you can communicate with members of the staff in the boutique.

You should also undertake research as to the bridal boutiques that service your area. Make a list of boutiques you like the most and call them in advance to find out which brands do they stock and what is their price range. Ask them if they sell accessories and check if they do alterations. You should also subscribe to their eNewsletters so that you can keep track of their discounts and special offers.

Choose a style of dress

Is it going to be a massive ballgown, sexy fit-and-flare wedding dress or a simple cocktail frock? Before you even start your search it is important to choose the location and venue of your wedding because this will determine the style of your dress. The perfect dress for a traditional church ceremony probably isn’t the best option for a beach wedding, so make sure to pick an appropriate outfit.

It is also important that the dress complements your body shape. Think of a silhouette that looks great on you and don’t waste time trying on styles that are not flattering. However, you should be open minded and let the boutique’s professional stylist suggest styles for you. They are experienced and can make the best suggestion as to what might look good on you. Be aware that some wedding dresses might not seem appealing on a hanger but they might look amazing when you try them on.

Ask someone to help you

Even though a trip to a bridal boutique can be fun and you will be tempted to bring many female friends, it is actually best to have a small entourage. You need to be focused while trying on the dresses and too many opinions may confuse you, so bring one or two people you trust. You need someone with a sense of fashion who can help you decide.

Allow plenty of time for fittings

Your wedding gown should fit like a glove, so once your dress finally arrives, try to make the most of all fittings and do all the necessary changes. It normally takes two fittings to adjust your dress, but don’t leave the second one for the very last moment as you might need a few more adjustments. Check every seam and move around in your gown to make sure that it is perfectly comfortable. Bring all your bridal accessories to a fitting and see whether all the elements of your styling are working well together.

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