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A beach wedding could be a simple gathering of your family and friends, with the sand between your toes. Or you can create a formal setting with a marquee and all the lavish decorations.

When planning your beach wedding you will have a unique set of requirements to consider: a wet-weather plan, parasols to protect from the sun, easy access for elderly or disabled guests, someone to watch the little ones, and planning for a particularly wild and windy day. But after all that, a beach wedding can be one of the most visually stunning events, celebrating the natural beauty of sun, sand and sea.

  1. Coral Coast, WA

    Coral Coast, WA

    Uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches, untouched coral reefs just metres from the shore, breathtaking gorges and brilliant carpets of colourful wildflowers… Western Australia's Coral Coast is an ideal destination for your wedding!

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