The Ring

  1. My partner proposed to me over the new year, don't get me wrong I am over the moon but there is just one thing getting to me. The ring is smaller than what I expected, I roughly know how much it's worth and I know how much he earns, he wouldn't have tried hard to save for this ring, I don't know if I am just being picking or if I should be upset. I would be happy with the ring if it was all he could afford but it's not. Not to mention he just bought himself a new car! What should I do? Should I talk to him about it?

  2. You have to wear that thing forever. If you don't like it, that doesn't make you a bad person.

  3. I think it's a little rude... If you didn't like the style that's fair enough it's not you, guys don't always get it right...
    But your saying the stone is too small and you know how much he paid, he just got a new car... That I think is horrible... A car can get you from A-B it is something you need in life.. An Engagment ring is a privilege, he gave this too you because he loves you and wants to marry you, wants to spend forever with you! Size of the rock shouldn't matter it's the love and feelings behind it, what it symbolises...
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and point of view... But if my fiancé proposed with a fake ring I would still say yes because it's what that ring symbolises not the price tag on it... Having an expensive ring may be great, but knowing that money is spent on a ring when it could go toward a house, or a new car or the wedding itself... I know how much my fiancé spent and I love him for it but when I found out I could have hit him.. I wish he spent less but I love him just the same as should you...

    I hope you get a ring that is better suited too you... Xx

  4. I love my engagement ring. I chose it myself, however I understand how you're feeling as I am kind of in the same position. The ring is beautiful and yes my fiancé could have afforded more. But, we're saving for a house as well as the wedding. Sometimes I get jealous of the women at my office all wearing full carat diamonds on their fingers, but you know what? I'm not a person who generally even wears jewellery. Everyone who sees my ring comments on how beautiful it is. It doesn't have to be big to be beautiful. It's what it means that counts.

  5. My partner only spent a few hundred dollars on my engagement ring, but we talked about it beforehand. I always said that I would rather he spent less on the ring so that we could have more money left over to spend on the wedding itself. Plus I actually don't like to wear rings generally, I find them annoying and I've really had to get used to wearing one since we got engaged. The only requests I made were that the ring be simple and not too chunky because it would just get in the way and irritate me more, and I wanted something that was predominantly white-gold. He adhered to those requests without spending too much so I was very happy with the ring I got.

    However everyone feels differently about this situation. If you feel that it really bothers you and it's something you can't get past, talk to him about it - communication is the key. I'm sure he wouldn't be the first guy to get the ring wrong, especially if you hadn't talked about it before the proposal. He loves you so if he can see that it's something that's really important to you I'm sure he'll want to do whatever makes you happy.


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