Bridesmaid Dramas

  1. I'm after some advice on how to handle this bridesmaid dilemma.
    As our wedding is only small (Max 60 guests) my fiancé and I easily agreed on a small bridal party of 2 attendants each. I've already lost 1 bridesmaid as a result of a massive falling out which has us no longer on speaking terms. This was very early in the process so it was an easy 'replace' without feeling like it for the new bridesmaid. Now it is looking more and more likely that my other original bridesmaid (maid of honour) is going to be pulling out as well. We are 9 months out from the wedding and I just don't know what to do. Do I confront her directly for a straight yes/no? And if it's no she's not able to commit, then what do I do about 'replacing' yet another bridesmaid/maid of honour? Any advice would be greatly appreciated at this point.

  2. I would ask her upfront. Better to know now rather than a couple weeks before the wedding and it turning it into a possible disaster.


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