My fiancé wants his best female friend in his bridal party!

  1. My fiancé wants his best female friend to be in his bridal party, but we don't particularly get on very well. When my fiance told her he would like her to be in his bridal party she said she wanted to make sure she could "sl#t up" her dress!

    I really feel like she is going to want all the attention on MY day and I'm not sure how to deal with her. She is one of my fiancés best friends so I don't want tension but she's already getting under my skin.

    Any advice?

  2. If your fiancé respects you enough he should leave her out of the bridal party and just have her as a guest. Tell him you are very uncomfortable with her as a "groomswoman" and not to mention how tacky it will look if she's dressed like a slut standing up next to you and your classy bridesmaids. Good luck!


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