Meals for kids under 5

  1. The kids meals at our venue are $90 each. This is a three course meal with entree, main and dessert (penne pasta, chicken schnitzel and icecream).This cost also takes into account all drinks as well as the DJ and MC at the venue.

    This meal is fine for the 4 kids who will be at the wedding who are 10-12 years old however my issue is with the 6 children that are under 5 years old… They would not simply eat all of this food. More likely pick at it then leave it.

    A number of parents say that their little one is more likely to eat some bread and a bit of food off of their plate instead of eating their own meal.

    My conundrum is… Do I pay another 6 x $90 for potentially uneaten food or do I make sure there are plenty of drinks and rolls supplied to the little ones and hope that they are happy to eat some of their parents food?

    We want to have these children at our reception as we both love kids and 4 of the children are with 2 lots of friends from interstate and the other two are the children of members of the bridal party but it is really stressing me out as it is a potential $540 on top of our recepetion costs.

    What have others done with younger guests and their meal?

    Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated


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