Help needed for planning a reception :)

  1. Hi all,

    I have been given the honour of planning my best friends reception for their wedding next year. I am going to arrange a photo booth for the reception, as it was one of the talking points with guests at my wedding.

    I used a local Northern Beaches Photo Booth company, 'Clikpic Photo Booth' for my wedding and found them to be amazing. So accomodating and well organised.

    This is where I need everyones help..............!!

    What theme and props should I choose?

    Has anyone planned a theme for their reception and incorporated a booth into that theme?

    What are some insperational ideas, props, costumes, decorations, back grouds that you may have seen?

    I have an open book to develope a theme and to make the setting look magical.

    I ws thinking of using fairy lights around the booth and lots of white material, etc

    Any ideas RE: Photo booth hire Sydney

    I would be so greatful if you could offer any help or suggestions....

    Mel xx


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