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  1. Hi,

    I am walking down the aisle with my Mum as my father passed 5years ago. To include him on the day i am going to have his photo on my bouquet and would like to walk down the aisle to one of his favourite songs. Now my dad is a bit of a rocker so AC/DC doesn't seem appropriate :) But he did love the song "Pretty Woman". I love the thought of walking down the aisle with this song playing, i think it suits our theme very well as we are not planning a traditional ceremony and have selected newer, fun songs for the day.

    My question is. How can i mention to all of our guests that this is a special song, for my dad. I was thinking about writing something in the order of service or asking the celebrant to say something. I just don't know how to put it.

    Not many people will realise the connection and i don't want to turn heads, with this "interesting" song choice as some people may think its odd. I want people to realise that it is special, I'm not trying to justify my choice to our guests as i know its my day, my choices, but i feel i want something mentioned to acknowledge the fact that he is not here to see me get married but that i am thinking about him and using his memory to be apart of our day.

    Any thoughts would be amazing!!

  2. I think its a great idea if the celebrant mentions it, you call also include it on the order of service, have the song name and say in loving memory my father or something. Such a lovely thought!!

  3. What a beautiful idea! Definitely write it in your order of service somehow. "Wedding processional- the bride will walk down to one of her father's favourite songs, 'Pretty Woman' in loving memory of (name) who couldn't be with us today"
    All the best with everything. Hope your day is as magical as you hoped it would be x


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