1. i am getting married next year and i am doing very well at organising everything but i am stuck on what song to have when im walking down the isle and also our first dance please help!

  2. I have just posted a similar question. I am walking down the aisle to one of my dads favourite songs to remember him as he has passed away. Maybe you could find a song to commemorate a memory or special person! If you had a favourite song that you and your dad (for example) would sing along to or dance to as a kid, thats a nice idea.

    Our other song choices are: John Legend - All of you, Miley Cyrus - Adore you, Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud, Ellie Goulding - How long will i love you, XO - Beyonce.

    I googled wedding songs for 2013/2014 and spent a whole day listening to suggestions on Youtube. We wanted songs that are not typically slow and newer songs as we're going for a fun relaxed but still romantic day. We are also having a singer so she is changing them up a little bit so that i don't have Miley belting out a tune :)

    If you're unsure of a songs meaning, some sound lovey dovey but are actually break-up songs, you could google the meanings to check!



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