Finding Your Wedding Day Perfume With LUSH Fragrances

Fine fragrances made from essential oils inspired by art music, and the memories, emotions and experiences of the LUSH perfumers are the perfect scent for your wedding day!

Finding Your Wedding Day Perfume Is Easy With LUSH Fragrances | Wedding Perfume | LUSH Fragrances

On your wedding day you want it to always be memorable and unique to you and your husband-to-be! You want a day that truly reflects your personal style and taste so it makes sense to stray away from your everyday perfume and go for something extra special. That's where we introduce you to LUSH fragrances. 

These perfumes at a glance are strong, concentrated, heady fragrances thanks to large percentage of essential oils. Available in two ranges, white label and black label and ranging from $29.95 to $129.95, these gender neutral fragrances means you can gravitate towards the fragrance of your choice no matter your perfume preference.

Small batches of each fragrance are hand mixed and hand poured in Sydney using fixative ingredients like sandalwood, to help fragrances adhere to the skin for longer which means you won't have to carry it around and reapply. 

Presented in minimalist, recycled and sleek packaging to all the amber and golden liquids shine, LUSH perfumers use fragrance to express their emotions, tell stories of their experiences and capture memories… everything you want in a wedding day perfume!

Our favourite LUSH fragrances:

Our favourite LUSH fragrances:
Vanillary Perfume

INSPIRATION: A global best seller. Inspired by delicious and extravagant desserts.

FRAGRANCE: Tonka adds depth and a burnet sugar topping to vanilla.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Vanilla, Jasmine and Tonka

Finding Your Wedding Day Perfume Is Easy With LUSH Fragrances | Wedding Perfume | Floral Perfume
Amelie Mae Perfume

INSPIRATION: LUSH Perfumer Simone Constantine created this fruity floral based on the requested ingredients of raspberry, roses, lavender and flowers from his youngest daughter

FRAGRANCE: A floral garden waltz twirls through the calming comfort of lavender.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Rose, Lavender and Ylang Ylang

Finding Your Wedding Day Perfume Is Easy With LUSH Fragrances | Wedding Perfume | Vanilla Perfume
I'm Home Perfume

INSPIRATION: Reflects the feeling of coming home after being away. Almost as good as returning to cuddles from your family, your favourite spot on the sofa, and pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning.

FRAGRANCE: A blanket of vanilla absolute wraps you up in a familiar embrace and a cloud of spiced hot chocolate brings warm comfort.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Benzoin, Vanilla and Cocoa

Finding Your Wedding Day Perfume Is Easy With LUSH Fragrances | Wedding Perfume | Orange Perfume
Karma Perfume

INSPIRATION: A global bestseller. Invented in the 1990’s while listening to the transformative beats of Massive Attack, yet also Inspired by London in the early 1970’s. Think the incense burning in Kensington Market and an optimism from new ways of thinking.

FRAGRANCE: A distinctive and signature scent combining intoxicating layers of orange, spices and patchouli.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Patchouli, Sweet Orange Oil, Lavendin, Pine, Lemongrass, Elemi and Cassie

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