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We ‘working ladies’ at The Bride’s Diary know how hard it is to conjure up the evening meal, especially after you’ve wrangled the fur-baby, tamed unruly hair, battled inclement weather, survived the daily commute, and conquered another day's unrealistic workload.

Marley Spoon | Fresh Ingredients | Home Cooked Meal

Then, after all that, you need to find the energy for the second shift: feeding that fur-baby, washing that hair, and cooking a healthy, tasty meal to keep your pre-wedding health and beauty regime on track. It’s exhausting!

However, there is one simple, easy solution that changes the landscape dramatically. A secret weapon that makes every evening something to be anticipated; knowing that tucked away in the fridge you have a delectable meal, chock full of fresh, healthy ingredients that you haven’t had to think about.

Marley Spoon | Fresh Ingredients | Food Delivery Service

Enter… Marley Spoon (and, we literally mean… enter) the food delivery service that: “sends tasty recipes and fresh ingredients directly to your door, making it easy to make a delicious home cooked meal”.

The Bride’s Diary Team was delighted to road test their convenient service and then, two boxes arrived! The first, available as a one-off purchase for a limited time only to both members and non-members, is their invitingly named, “Autumn Roast Box”, immediately conjuring images of lazy Sunday family roasts, ‘too-full’ tummies, and the inevitable recovery sprawled out by the fire, with a glass of fine red wine… heaven! The second box, full of enticingly named dishes: Miso Ramen with Roasted Tomatoes, Shiitake and Sugar Snap Peas and Lamb Kofta Meatloaves with Chunky Tabouli and Cranberry Sumac Relish – oh my goodness… yum!

Marley Spoon | Food Delivery Service | Lamb Kofta
Lamb Kofta Meatloaves

We cooked the Lamb Kofta Meatloaves first and were swooning with the scent of middle eastern spices wafting in the air.  We loved the zestiness of the tabouli, with lemon, parsley and mint, and the tartness of the homemade cranberry relish. The koftas were plump and flavoursome and the entire dish was deeply satisfying.

Marley Spoon | Food Delivery Service | Miso Ramen With Roasted Tomatoes
Miso Ramen With Roasted Tomatoes

We then created the Miso Ramen. Every girl knows that Japanese food helps you to lose weight just by thinking about it, but to actually create it yourself, well that’s ground-breaking. We busily soaked the shiitake mushrooms, grilled the tomatoes (yes, tomatoes; which added surprising depth and sweetness), added dashi to the stock, cooked the noodles and trimmed the sugar snap peas, creating an indulgent, delicious bowl of steaming perfection!

Marley Spoon | Food Delivery Service | Autumn Roast Chicken
Autumn Roast Chicken

Onto the Autumn Chicken Roast! Two (yes two) plump free-range chickens, surrounded with a medley of roast vegetables and a luscious homemade gravy, with a secret flavour kick – porcini and sage butter, which is stuffed under the chicken skin – absolutely delicious!

Marley Spoon | Fresh Ingredients | Hazelnut Apple Crumble
Hazelnut Apple Crumble

Then dessert… yes, dessert! A delectable Hazelnut Apple Crumble with Maple and Burnt Butter Sauce… This sublime dish actually contained very little sugar as the sweetness is provided by the apples themselves, raisins and maple syrup. We loved the burnt butter sauce with just a hint of salt!

Marley Spoon | Food Delivery Service | Home Cooked Meal

The recipe cards were very easy to follow and the final dishes truly gourmet. Less obvious advantages are the cooking skills learned and the convenience of grabbing one self-enclosed pack to take to a friend’s house for a quick shared meal!

You will be less inclined to order that fat, sugar and salt laden take-away and more inclined to share quality time with your partner preparing and sharing a healthy meal!

Undoubtedly, you will look and feel better and love including Marley Spoon in your supremely organised and healthy pre-wedding lifestyle. In fact, we suspect that once you have ordered Marley Spoon you will adopt this convenient, gourmet food delivery service for life… we know we will.

Marley Spoon has teamed up with Williams Sonoma, the luxury cook and entertainment ware brand to offer customers the chance to win a $500 Williams Sonoma voucher when they purchase the Autumn Roast Box between April 5th and May 5th!

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