Why You Should Only Buy Australian Diamonds

Australia produces some of the most beautiful diamonds and gems in the world, so why buy overseas when you can find the perfect stone for your engagement ring right at your door step!

Did you know that pink diamonds are fast becoming a popular choice for engagement rings? The Argyle Diamond Mine in East Kimberley, WA is the biggest diamond producer (by volume) in the world of pink diamonds. These pretty coloured diamonds can only be created under extreme pressure and heat deep in the earth’s crust and they come in a very light blush shade that is so undeniably bridal! 

These pink diamonds coming from the remote north of Western Australia are a particular favourite of Matthew Ely who owns a luxury jewellery store in Sydney’s Woollahra. He is an experienced, qualified gemmologist and jeweller who has created quite a few unique, award-winning pieces during his career. And since he has the expertise and knowledge when it comes to locating the most beautiful diamonds and gems in the world, you can trust his opinion on whether to buy a diamond in Australia or overseas.

Knowing that Aussie couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing a diamond engagement ring, Matthew Ely is puzzled by the fact that there is an increasing number of couples who prefer to buy overseas. He says that ordering a diamond online means that you can’t actually see the product or know its true value before purchasing. Not to mention that online shopping takes the romance out of choosing an engagement ring. 

Buying an Australian diamond is a good and safe investment, so start searching for your dream piece!

Matthew Ely 44 Ocean Street, Woollahra NSW 2025
T 02 9328 1555 E enquiries@matthewely.com.au W www.matthewely.com.au

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