Your Uber-cool Summer Wedding…

It’s going to reach 40 degrees in many parts of Australia today! This got me thinking about Summer Weddings and the unique challenges that hot weather can present.

The ‘slip, slop, slap’ message has been around for decades, but we often forget to cater for our fair-skinned friends and relatives, not to mention babies, the elderly and any pets that may be attending your wedding. If yours is to be an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, it is not a silly idea to provide sunscreen and insect repellent for your guests to use.

It is also important to provide shade, especially for the elderly and children who will suffer terribly if made to sit in the hot sun for too long. If there is no shade provided by trees, or a structure of some sort (a tent, marquee, etc.), then supply parasols for each guest.

Left: Paper Parasol With Vintage Floral Print, Right: White Battenburg Lace Parasol

After the ceremony have one of your ushers gather the parasols and take them to your reception location. While you are off having your photographs taken, and your guests are enjoying their pre-reception drinks and canapés, they may need to use the parasols again, especially if they are waiting outside before entering the reception venue.

It is also a good idea to have some simple fold-up camping chairs at the ready when your group photos and family shots are being taken. Many elderly relatives may not be able to stand for long, and it is a lovely gesture to be able to whip out a chair and place it under the shade of a tree while all the individual shots are being organised and taken.

Left: Oval Plastic Tub, Right: Classic Script Personalised Hand Fan

If the weather is really hot, you may like to offer your guests water bottles. Fill large tubs with ice and pop the water bottles within. You can personalise the water bottles with a theme-perfect label.

Providing hand fans is a thoughtful gesture and these too can be personalised. And to really show your guests that you care, you can provide inexpensive sunglasses.

Left: Twisted Stem Champagne Glasses, Right: "Sippers" Chevron Pattern Metallic Print Paper Straws

Should your ceremony and reception be at the same venue and close to each other, you can provide an outdoor drink’s station. Fill large apothecary jars with a variety of colourful soft drinks (think old-fashioned lemonade, fruit punch, cordial, etc.) and then provide personalised coasters, colourful straws, and a selection of pretty personalised glasses. Many guests may not drink alcohol, or want to imbibe too much, and they will appreciate being able to select a cold drink whenever they desire.

Finally, if your dogs (or any other pet) is going to attend your ceremony, make sure you have a big bowl of fresh, clean water at the ready. Pets can overheat very quickly and need to be provided with shade on the day.

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Simply type Summer into the search bar top-right, and you will find all you need to know to plan your ‘uber-cool’ Summer Wedding.


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