Tips For Choosing A Baby Name

Modern or traditional? Trendy or unique? If you can’t decide how to name your baby then these tips might help you make a narrow down your choice!

Our first piece of advice is to check out baby names which were the most prominent in Australia during the previous year. You may want to avoid the most popular ones because you prefer something a little more original, but perhaps some of them are inspired by your favourite celebrities or can be related to your family? In 2015, 10 most popular girl baby names in Australia were Charlotte, Olivia, Amelia, Ava, Sophie, Zoe, Mia, Lily, Isla and Evie, while trendy names for baby boys were Oliver, Noah, Jack, Lucas, William, Jackson, James, Max, Charlie and Isaac.

The second tip is to pick a name that is not too complicated or too long. Listen to how it sounds, especially together with a surname. Opt for a simple spelling too because you don’t want your child to always have to correct people because they spelled the name incorrectly.

You should also consider the nicknames. What does the name sound when you shorten it? Are there several nicknames that can be derived from it? Is there a nickname which can be turned into an unpleasant joke?

Finally, leave some time to analyse meanings of the names you shortlisted.  You may want to choose the one which is associated with positive meanings rather than the one which sounds the best.

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