Food & Drink Ideas For Summer Weddings

While winter is perfect for hot canapés and delicious roasts, summer weddings require a lighter menu, but you can be even more creative with wedding food styling!



Serve it on ice

Sizzling temperatures make us crave for refreshing food and drink, so whether you are celebrating on the beach or at a rooftop venue, make sure to prepare some light bites and cold drinks for your guests. Anything served on ice will immediately drag their attention, so think oysters on ice trays, champagne in ice buckets or beer stored in ice boxes!

Try the food station trend

Food stations are a huge wedding trend in 2016, and it is simply ideal for outdoor cocktail parties in the summer. You can have a hatted chef making Japanese sushi or a DIY food station where your guests can toss their favourite ingredients in the plate. A make-it-yourself ice cream serving station is also a great idea for hot summer days!

Make signature cocktails

Good old champagne is a must at weddings, but signature cocktails are on trend right now and a great way to add something personal to your wedding menu. You can offer a selection of refreshing beverages and one or two signature cocktails with special names and ingredients.

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