Secret Meanings Of Flowers

When choosing your wedding flowers, think about the symbolism of each bloom, and pick the ones with positive meanings such as love, marital happiness and prosperity!


Ever since Victorian England, the language of flowers is important for brides choosing blooms for their bouquets and centrepieces. Flowers were used to pass on secret messages between lovers, but while some of them have positive meanings, others are associated with negative emotions and should therefore be avoided in bridal bouquets. Roses are the most popular flowers at weddings, and each colour has a different meaning. Whites, pinks and reds are great for bouquets and centrepieces as they mean purity, happiness and love, but avoid yellow ones even if they fit your colour palette because they symbolise jealousy and decrease of love. Peony has different meanings as it stands for love, happy marriage and prosperity, but can also mean bashfulness.


The language of flowers became especially important for royal brides who care about tradition and symbolism the most, so why not use their bouquets as inspiration! While Queen Elizabeth II opted for lavish orchids which symbolise love and beauty, Grace Kelly accessorised her iconic princess-style gown with a simple posy made from lily-of-the-valley blooms which stand for a trustworthy wife and happiness. The big cascading bouquet Lady Diana selected for her wedding day also included lily-of-the-valley, but also gardenias (purity and joy), stephanotis (marital happiness), freesias white roses (innocence), Ivy and Veronica (fidelity) and Myrtle (love, joy and happy marriage). Our personal favourite is Kate Middleton’s bouquet which had locally-sourced lily-of-the-valley, myrtle and ivy with the addition of hyacinth (fidelity) and Sweet William which means gallantry, but she picked it because of its name.

Mini Dictionary Of Wedding Flowers

Baby’s Breath – innocence

Calla Lily – majestic beauty

Carnation – red carnations symbolise love, white mean endearment, while pink are sending a message: I will never forget you

Freesia – innocence

Gardenia – joy and purity

Iris – wisdom

Ivy –fidelity

Lilac – first love

Lily-of-the-valley – sweetness, happiness

Myrtle – love, joy, happy marriage

Orchid – love, beauty, refinement

Peony – love, happy marriage, prosperity, bashfulness

Rose – pink ones stand for happiness, red ones mean love, white ones symbolise purity and innocence, while yellow ones are associated with jealousy and decrease of love

Stephanotis – marital happiness

Sweet Pea – pleasure

Tulip – true love, passion

Violet – innocence and modesty

Zinnia – lasting affection and remembrance

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