How To Add “Something Borrowed” To Your Bridal Attire?

Follow and old English rhyme and incorporate something you borrowed from another happy bride to your wedding day outfit to ensure happy marriage!

According to a tradition which dates back to Victorian England, every bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe” on her wedding day. Each of these five items should ensure good luck in her married life, and “something borrowed” stands for borrowed happiness.

Your “something borrowed” detail can be a bold accessory such as your mother’s wedding veil, but if you want it to be your invisible lucky charm, you can simply sew a piece of fabric into the lining of your gown. Tulle from your veil can also be used to make an adorable ballerina posy or a chic headpiece.

A piece of jewellery borrowed from another happy bride is a fabulous idea, and it can be anything from a discrete pair of earrings or a simple brooch pinned into your bouquet to an elaborate necklace which matches the style of your wedding dress.

A statement headpiece like a diamond tiara is the perfect “something borrowed” item to include in your bridal styling, but if you can get a hold of such a gorgeous piece, just opt for a simple hair accessory. Ask your friend or a family member to lend you their hairpin, jewelled comb or a single rhinestone she wore on her wedding.

And if you want to keep your borrowed happiness safe inside your pocket, why not simply use a handkerchief that belongs to someone whose marriage you admire! As long as you picked the right person, anything that belongs to her will bring you luck.

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