Most Exciting Engagement Ring Trends For 2015

If you want a chic sparkler, forget about traditional designs and go for one of the exciting engagement ring trends such as coloured diamonds and intricate settings which will say more about your individual style.

The Stone

The Stone

White diamonds are a classic choice, but more and more brides are opting for coloured gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, garnets, tourmalines and citrines. Coloured diamonds in shades of pink, blue and yellow are quite popular as well, and the demand for black diamonds is rising as they look bold and may cost less.

And, if you prefer the good old white diamond but can’t afford a big solitaire, consider the cluster diamond engagement ring trend. It is a great way to cut the costs and have an impressive ring with a huge diamond surface. Even if you want to keep the centre stone, you can wrap it in a diamond halo setting to make it look bigger.

The Setting

The Setting
Rings by Tiffany & Co.

It isn’t just the stone that matters! Choosing a setting design is equally important if you want a unique ring. Think intricate detailing such as floral motifs or tiny diamonds if you want a more traditional design. You can find inspiration in gorgeous antique ring designs from the Victorian or Edwardian times.

You can also opt for split shanks, twisted bands and organic curved lines if you prefer a more modern design. Mixing metals such as yellow and rose gold, or platinum and gold is also a huge trend at the moment, so why torture yourself by trying to decide only one colour when you can have two or three of them mixed together!

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