Banish Those Unwanted Sugar Cravings

Constantly at the cutting edge, the dynamic team at Amazonia has just released a revolutionary new product that is convenient, easy to use and can eliminate sugar and carbohydrate cravings.


Raw sugar crave release spray is a unique product that focuses on rebalancing your digestive system so you can overcome sugar and carbohydrate cravings for good.

Developed with the help of naturopaths and nutritionists, the Raw sugar crave release spray is made with all-natural ingredients, such as green black walnut, clove, thyme, oregano, fennel and peppermint. This potent blend of herbs helps target excessive bad digestive bacteria within the digestive tract to target the root cause of those unwanted sugar cravings.

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The Amazonia team understands modern day health issues and that fads and diets are not the way to achieve sustainable results. As such, they have created the Slim & Tone program; a tool for positive lifestyle changes that give you real and lasting results. Used in conjunction with the program, Raw sugar crave release is designed to support you in losing weight and achieving a more energised, fulfilled and healthy life.

Raw sugar crave release is available in a convenient spray bottle, making it an easy addition to your daily routine. Upon rising, simply take 15 sprays of sugar crave release in the mouth, followed by a glass of warm water. During the day, if you find yourself craving sugary carbohydrates, be sure to grab and use the sugar crave release spray. This is your secret weapon to beat those cravings!

People using the Raw sugar crave release spray have been amazed at the difference by using the product on a regular basis. In only a short amount of time, they have had noticed positive effects such as reduced bloating, improved digestion and also an end to unwanted food cravings.

Available in all leading health food stores, Raw sugar crave release spray comes in a convenient 50ml size with a RRP of $34.95.

Contains traditional, potent anti- parasitic herbs, flowers, leaves and seeds.  Helps target bad digestive bacteria. Spray for easy dosage. Nothing artificial. Recommended by Naturopaths, doctors and nutritionists. All ingredients are natural.

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