Bridal Shower Etiquette

The ‘bridal showers is a great opportunity for the bride’s friends and female members of the family to get together and have fun before the wedding, but also to surprise the bride with lovely presents. According to tradition, the maid of honour should host the event, while it has been considered as impolite that immediate members of the family organise it. However, modern-day etiquette suggests that a bride can ask pretty much anyone to host the shower.

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The traditional purpose of the bridal shower was to collect gifts that would help a couple set-up their new home, but since there are many gifting occasions over the engagement period, some brides prefer simply to organise a social event instead of a traditional shower. When choosing the wording for the invitation, the host is allowed to state a theme of the shower or include information related to the gift registry, but if the bride doesn’t want any gifts, presents should simply not be mentioned.

The guest list for the bridal shower should include only friends and family members who are invited to the wedding, but the exception can be the office shower in the case that not all co-workers can be invited. The host can organise more than one shower with different guest lists, and nowadays it is even common to hold a couple’s shower where guests can bring presents for both the bride and groom.

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