How To Choose The Perfect Cake For Your Summer Wedding

From classic wedding cakes enriched with fresh, fruity fillings to amazing cake alternatives such as petite pavlovas topped with colourful berries, summer brings exciting new flavours that you can incorporate into your desserts. Read our tips on how to add a seasonal taste to your wedding cake…

Enhance the flavour with fresh fruit

Warm, sunny weather makes us crave refreshing desserts and fruity flavours, so if you want to delight your guests with a scrumptious wedding cake, consider citrus or berry aromas.

Orange and poppy seed is a very popular combination for a summer wedding, but a blend of champagne ganache and strawberries is also very refreshing.

If you prefer more traditional flavours, you can simply add a hint of seasonal taste to your cake by adding a strawberry or lemon flavour to butter cream frosting or using fresh fruit for the filling and topping.

Use summer-inspired toppings and decorations

Fresh flowers and berries are the perfect ornaments for your summer wedding cake. From simple rustic-style meringue cake topped with blackberries and raspberries to decadent naked cakes adorned with lush roses and peonies, you can opt for a style that suits the style and formality of your event. While a subtle combination of rose blossoms and red berries will work on almost any cake, edible pansies and violas are the perfect decoration for spring cupcakes.

Serve your cake with a seasonal side

If you prefer rich, creamy cakes, flavours such as chocolate mud or red velvet, then you can freshen up the taste by adding a seasonal side. Serving your cake together with a bowl of summer berries topped with cream will definitely transform the taste, but you can also liven up the taste with a refreshing portion of ice cream.

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