Etiquette Rules For Wedding Guests

If you are invited to a wedding, there are plenty of etiquette rules to respect. From responding to an invitation to behaving appropriately on the day of the wedding, make sure that you treat your hosts and their event with respect.

RSVP Promptly

As soon as you receive an invitation for a wedding, your obligation is to respond immediately or by the time stated on the invite. Make sure that you actually attend the wedding if you responded positively, and that you arrive to the ceremony venue at least fifteen minutes earlier.

Mail Your Gift

Unless your wedding present is a gift card or voucher presented in an envelope or a tiny box, it is polite to mail it to the couple’s address. It can be tricky for the bride and groom to transport presents after the ceremony and you don’t want to make the job difficult for them. According to guest etiquette you should provide a gift regardless of whether you are attending the wedding reception or not.

Respect the Dress Code

Wedding guests should always respect the dress code stated on the invitation. Females shouldn’t wear white attire and avoid casual outfits such as jeans and a top, as well as over the top gowns that could compete with the bride. Male guests should always wear a suit unless the dress code says daytime informal.

Behave Appropriately

Appropriate behaviour at the wedding means that you have to be polite and respectful to your hosts without trying to get all of the attention or drinking too much. You should speak with other guests and enjoy the party, but keep the discussion with the bride and groom to the minimum as they have many other people to talk to. Just tell your hosts how happy you are for them and make sure to you’re your bonboniere with you as they made an effort to provide these small presents for their loved ones.

  1. Providing a gift whether attending or not is interesting as we had guests that attended the day and did not give anything. Not even a card.


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