World First Social Safety App, tribesta, to Save Australia $1.2 Billion in Resources

Creators of a new free social safety app, ‘tribesta’ say it has the capacity to save the Australian Government $1.2 Billion in resources each year. ‘tribesta’ was launched in Sydney, Australia today with the support of the NRMA , NRL champion Greg Inglis and Actor Rob Carlton.


tribesta is a smart, intuitive Australian innovation. It’s an everyday connector app that, at the tap of a button, not only gives peace of mind, but can instantly escalate to accommodate for emergency situations. This world first app represents a cornerstone community initiative for all Australians.

- ‘tribesta’s’ Founder Kathleen Kenny

“The tribesta app aims to make the world a safer place through social connection. Users are able to nominate their ‘tribe’ - which can be made up of family, friends and co-workers,” said Kathleen.

“The app allows tribe members to communicate and send instant messages to each other’s phones. One tap and you and your trusted tribe are on the same page,” she said.

“Its simplicity allows an immediate escalated support for users, telling them when someone in their tribe needs them, where members of their tribe are, that someone is on their way and has their critical information on hand if needed to share with emergency services.”

Independent economic analysis conducted by Communio Group supported $1.2 billion savings, year on year, assuming tribesta has the ability to save 15 minutes for any one Emergency Service attending an incident by having the ability to access critical information about their patient immediately.

Tribesta is made up of 4 simple ‘one tap’ buttons:

  • I’m OK – one tap and your tribe knows you’re OK, the time of notification and your location on a map
  • Let’s Go – one tap and your tribe knows to pick you up or watch over you while you’re on the move
  • Alert – one tap and your tribe knows you feel uncomfortable, the ‘more than a map’ feature shows you and your tribe each other’s location so you and your tribe can make quick decisions on how to best help
  • Triple Zero (000) – one tap and you call Triple Zero (000), your tribe is alerted and your critical profile and next of kin or preferred contact information is available to your trusted tribe.

The majority of calls made to Triple Zero 000 Emergency Services come from mobile phones, jumping 20% in the past year, and often the caller is unaware of their exact location,” continued Ms Kenny.

“Not only is calling Triple Zero 40 per cent faster from the tribesta app, it also lets you and your tribe see your exact location,” Kathleen said.

“Linking your trusted contacts, your profile and GPS technology in the event of an incident taking place, tribesta solves the challenges of location and geography, giving the user their physical and visual address and enabling emergency services locate them faster,” she said. “tribesta members will use the app to keep in touch everyday – that familiarity means they will know exactly where to get help with one tap."

“tribesta gives peace of mind to parents knowing that their kids are okay, gives kids the freedom they are seeking and connects everyone to their friends and families anytime, anywhere.”

tribesta can be downloaded at the app store on iTunes or at


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