How To Organise A Summer Marquee Wedding

A marquee wedding gives you the chance to choose a fabulous scenic location and decorate your venue in any style you like. There are plenty of event hire companies where you can find unique furniture and gorgeous ornaments that will make your event really stand out.

To plan a perfect marquee wedding, you need to consider many practical issues. While it is great that you can pick any spot, some locations may be difficult to manage. You need to have fresh water and an electricity supply, large parking space nearby, good directional signs as well as lights to mark the pathway and a great catering service that will either cook for you on-site or provide a delicious buffet menu.

Decorating a marquee is fun and the blank space gives you endless options for styling. You can divide the space in two and have a dining room and a lounge area, or serve cocktail and champagne outside and use the marquee for your sit-down style dinner. Trendy decorations for marquee events include ceiling lining, fairy lights, paper lanterns, bunting and colourful pompoms. If you are a DIY bride, you can make fabulous ornaments from paper and you can use garden flowers to create lovely floral arrangements.

And if you find it challenging to take care of all the details from catering and the wedding cake to lighting and decorations, why not hire a professional planner to do it for you!

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