Preserving Your Bouquet With Flowers Forever

Every bride wants to preserve her beautiful wedding bouquet, but the trouble is that dried flowers usually look very dehydrated and colourless.

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Located in QLD, Flowers Forever are using Lyophilization technology which freeze-dries flowers so that your blooms can stay fresh for many years to come. They retain their actual size, shape, volume and colour, and you will have them delivered in a sealed shadow box which will help them stay preserved for even longer.

Perhaps you are wondering how does this process look like and why should you choose it over another method. Flowers are being freeze dried in a machine where the temperature is set to -30 degrees. It takes one day for them to become frozen solid and the air is pumped out to create vacuum which makes moisture from frozen flowers to slowly vaporize. The temperature is then raised several degrees per day, and finally flowers are dried after four weeks. It is by far the best method of preservation.

It is best to take your flowers to freeze drying within 3-4 days after the wedding. Alternatively, keep them in the fridge covered with a plastic bag for a week and take them to freeze drying when you come back from your honeymoon. Your bouquet can last for many years if you keep it in a sealed box in a dry and cool place.

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