Stylish Antique Engagement Rings

Although your engagement ring must be beautiful and special, it doesn’t necessarily need to be new and expensive. From elegant rings made in the 18th century to hip art-deco styles, antique engagement rings are very romantic because they come with a history.

Back in Georgian times, diamonds were hard to find and engagement rings were usually made with other gemstones such as red garnets, green emeralds and purple amethysts. This style is great for stubborn romantics who are looking for something truly ancient and very stylish.

Engagement rings from the Victorian era are gorgeous too, but their style is much closer to our modern sensibility since they were usually very sparkly and flamboyant, often made from rounds of diamonds. This is the era when the first solitaire ring was made and then the style was popularised by Tiffany & Co in 1886.

Edwardian designs with diamonds, platinum and gorgeous filigree work are especially popular with modern brides who love vintage style. Settings were very intricate with details that resembled fine lace and, apart from sparkly diamonds, jewellers were also using colourful stones such as sapphires and emeralds.

We also love art-deco rings which feature sharp geometric lines, big diamonds as well as colourful rocks such as rubies and sapphires and platinum bands. This style is the most popular in recent years and it is a great choice fashion-forward brides.

Perhaps the rock will not be perfectly flawless, but an antique ring can still be stunningly beautiful and very valuable. It also has an added symbolic value because it carries a romantic story which is decades or even centuries old.

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