How To Deal With Beauty Emergencies On Your Big Day

Waking up with a breakout or frizzy hair on your big day can be a nightmare, so don’t forget to prepare yourself for possible beauty emergencies and have your cosmetic first aid kit at ready! Read our 5 key tips on how to deal with potential problems any bride can experience on her special day:

  1. Covering A Breakout
    A nasty blemish is one of the worst enemies of every bride and it is essential to work out how to deal with it on the wedding day. Having a cortisone shot at your dermatologist is the most efficient solution, but you can also treat it with an ice cube to suppress the bacteria. Finally, use a good concealer to cover it and tap the product gently into the skin for the best coverage. 
  2. Reduce Puffiness Around The Eyes
    If lack of sleep and late night celebrations caused puffy eyes, make sure to cool your eyelids in order to reduce the swelling. One of the best home-made recipes is to keep metal spoons in the freezer and then hold them on your eyes until you see the results. Alternatively, you can use chilled slices of fresh cucumber.
  3. Quick Solutions For Smudged Make-up
    To prevent your eye make-up from getting smudged, you should use waterproof mascara, eyeliner and kohl, while a bit of neutral rosy lipstick or sparkly lip gloss will do the trick for your lips. However, in case that anything goes wrong, you should have make-up remover, concealer and some cotton tips to clean up the mess.
  4. Broken Nails
    Gel nails are the perfect option for your wedding as they are very durable, but if you prefer a classical manicure there is always a chance of chipping your nail. Make sure to have nail clippers and a bottle of polish in your handbag and opt for varnishes that tend to dry faster because you will need a quick fix.
  5. Tame Your Hair
    Even if you have a perfect hairdo for your wedding, things can sometimes go wrong in the very last minute. Whether your hair gets damp and frizzy, or your lovely bun starts unfolding, don’t panic and try to tame it. A simple chignon can be a great last-minute solution for long hair, while short styles can be fixed with a good hairspray.

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