How To Create The Perfect Bouquet For Spring Weddings

With a delightful range of scents and colours, spring blooms are perfect for making stunning bouquets. From choosing the right type of flowers to wrapping and adorning your bouquet, there are different elements to consider. Here are our tips to get you started…

Which Flowers Are Best For Bouquets?

Once you determine the style and colour of your bouquet, it is time to start choosing your blooms. From romantic roses and peonies to colourful garden flowers, options are literally endless. Flowers with longer and thicker stems are the optimal choice since you need to hold the bouquet in your hands for quite some time. This is why roses, tulips and peonies are a very popular choice, while varieties like lily of the valley, ranunculus and lilacs have very thin stems, but can be a great addition to your bouquet to add more texture and colour.

White Or Bright?

While some brides like to have white bouquets to complement their bridal outfit, others prefer colourful blooms. Think which style is a better match to your wedding theme, but also your personality. White or monochromatic bouquets can be very pretty, but a multi-coloured one might look much better on photos.

How To Wrap It

Most brides have their wedding bouquet wrapped with a wide satin ribbon that matches the colour of your flowers. You can also pick a shade that corresponds with your reception décor, or use a different material that makes a better match for your theme. While a piece of burlap tied with gardener’s twine is the perfect choice for a nature-inspired wedding, old lace and a retro brooch will complement your vintage themed décor.

  1. I love the idea of an all white bouquet! Seems timeless and elegant! Thanks for this great blog post.


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