All About Diamond Cuts

Before you go shopping for your engagement ring you should become familiar with all the important criteria for choosing a stone and learn about the basic shapes and diamond cuts. From round brilliant to emerald cut, find the one that really suits you.

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Size vs brilliance

When choosing a diamond, there are the famous four C’s to consider: cut, clarity, carat and colour. Brilliance of the diamond depends on the type of cut and the more facets the stone has, the more sparkly it will be. Quality of the cut is very important because even if you choose a perfectly clear and colourless diamond, it will not be very sparkly unless it is impeccably cut.

With its whooping 58 facets, the round brilliant cut has the most sparkle. It is the most popular cut for engagement rings, followed by the princess cut which is also very sparkly with its bold square shape and sharp edges that reflect the light wonderfully.

However, you should also think about the size of your sparkler. If you go for a less brilliant diamond, you can save money on cut and therefore afford a larger stone. Marquise and pear shapes appear to be bigger than they actually are and still have a lot of facets, while emerald cut is definitely the simplest and the cheapest, with its stepped facets and large surface in the middle.

Romantic shapes

A round brilliant shape is the most traditional choice and with its dazzling brilliance it certainly is the ideal cut for a dream engagement ring every girl is fantasising about. Nevertheless, the oval shape invented in 1960s by Lazare Kaplan is also very romantic and delicate. It is very popular with celebrities and makes a fabulous alternative to classical round cut. Pear shape is also romantic as it resembles a water drop and cushion cut has sophisticated rounded edges to mimic a soft pillow.

However, heart is by far the most romantic shape. It has a delicate cut with many facets and the width is normally 10% wider than the head-to-point length. It is the perfect choice for a very romantic bride who would rather wear a symbol of love on her hand than the most expensive diamond in the world.

Finding a diamond cut that suits

When choosing an engagement ring, it is best to try out many different shapes and styles before making a final decision. You can shortlist your favourite styles and then compare the assets to determine which one is the most suitable for your budget and personal style.

To make sure that you choose the perfect diamond cut which will look fantastic on you, think about the shape of your hand. If you have short fingers, pick a diamond cut that can optically elongate your hand. This is the case with the marquise cut because it is long and has two pointy ends. It also maximises carat weight and looks larger than it is. Oval and emerald cuts are also suitable for short hands, princess, asscher and cushion shapes are great for brides who have long fingers, whereas round and heart shapes look better on larger fingers then on very thin ones. The choice of setting is also important. For example, if you have thin fingers, a narrow setting will look better on you, while wide styles are more appropriate for big fingers. 

Diamond should also match your personal style. If your style is traditional, you should opt for classical shapes, colourless diamonds and plain settings, while modern brides can choose unusual diamond cuts, bright colours and even extravagant bands.

Matching the stone to your ring

The shape of the diamond should be aligned with the setting style too. The setting can enhance the shape of the diamond, but you need to choose a design that suits a particular shape.

Solitaire setting goes well with any cut from round brilliant to cushion and emerald because it is very simple and allows the diamond to show its best potential. The setting can also make the diamond appear larger.

If you pick a smaller stone, the diamond halo setting will make the ring bigger and more sparkly. This style is the most suitable for round, oval and cushion cuts, while it is not the ideal match for asymmetric shapes. If you want a multi-stone ring, you should also opt for symmetrical cuts. You can choose oval, round, princess, cushion of marquise as your primary stone, and then just add a few smaller stones to complement the setting.

Choose something you'll love forever

Finally, our best tip is to find the shape that you find irresistible. It is your engagement ring and you will want to wear it for the rest of your life. Even if you follow all the rules you can still get it wrong, so it is always best to go with your instinct. If you find a ring that you think looks fabulous on your hand, it is probably the best choice.

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