Choosing Your Wedding Bands

From a plain, traditional design to a contemporary classic, you should choose wedding bands that you will love and wear forever. To ensure that they will stand the test of time, you should stick to some basic rules…


1. Consider your budget

You should spend approximately 5% of your wedding budget on your wedding bands and the final price will depend on the size, materials and any diamonds included (if any). It can sometimes be overwhelming, so if you want to save some money, you should do a thorough research and find special offers. The best time to shop for jewellery is after Christmas and St Valentine's Day when you are sure to find lots of discounts. Don’t forget to check jewellery sections of department stores, small jewellery stores, consignment stores and outlets.

2. Ask for advice

Since most of us are not jewellery experts, it is a good idea to ask for advice. One of the options is to find an experienced jeweller who can be your shopping assistant. Check their credentials and find out how long have they been in business. A good professional might save you both time and money. Alternatively, you can ask some of your married friends to help you, since they have experience with purchasing wedding bands. Consult them about materials, style, prices and ask about the best places to go shopping.

3. Find the right design

Do you want a very plain, classical wedding band or a beautifully designed, contemporary piece? Since you will want to wear your wedding ring every day for the rest of your life, choosing a timeless design is probably the best idea. Even simple golden rings without any stones can be special if you personalise them by engraving something romantic and sweet.

It is best not to experiment with trends that might expire next year and think of a style that will work for both jeans and evening attire. If you like wearing metal jewellery in different colours, you can choose a wedding band which is a combination of various hues.

4. Choose the perfect material

Yellow gold is the most popular metal for wedding bands because it symbolises love, warmth and the eternal nature of marriage. While 24 k gold is considered the purest, 14 and 18 k are less resistant to scratches. White gold is strong and durable, and you can mix it with both platinum and silver.  Platinum is the most expensive metal because it is both hard and heavy and has a distinctive white colour.

However, three times stronger than steel, titanium is the hardest metal that exists on Earth and you can mix it with other metals to get different colours. Silver is quite affordable and has a beautiful colour, but it needs to be polished often and it, therefore, isn’t the best option for engagement and wedding rings.

5. Get the size right

Your wedding bands should be carefully measured to match your size, but you should also keep in mind that you might gain or lose weight in the future. A reputable jeweller will guide you as to the best size for your finger's shape and size.

6. Think about your engagement ring

Traditionally, the wedding band should be worn on top of the engagement ring. It is a good idea to choose the wedding band that has the same colour and style, but make sure that it is a little more simple in design so that it doesn’t overpower the engagement ring. Some wedding bands can be purchased together with the engagement rings as a complementary set. This is the ideal option for a more traditional bride, even though modern customs allow mismatched rings. If you prefer different designs, you can wear the two rings on different hands, although this is not commonly done.

7. His & Hers

There is also the question of whether 'his and hers' wedding bands should match or not. Some couples prefer wearing the same style of wedding bands because it is a statement of their love and commitment. However, you can also reach a clever compromise and choose similar styles with one being slightly feminine, decorated with discrete ornaments, and other being more masculine with a plainer design. It is also very common to choose mismatched bands in the situation where the bride wants a flamboyant design and the groom prefers something very plain. Whichever option you choose, make sure that both of you are delighted with your choice!

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