Engagement Ring Shopping: A Groom’s Guide

Stressed about buying the ring for your bride-to-be? These tips will help you find a bling that will knock her off her feet!

Decide on the budget

Start by determining your budget because this will somewhat narrow down your options and prevent you from spending more than you can afford. Calculate how much money you are willing to spend on an engagement ring and check out prices at two or three different websites to get a clear idea on what you are looking for.

Learn about different types of rings

From antique pieces and bespoke creations to classic diamonds and coloured stones, there are so many different styles. Ask a jeweller to introduce you into the world of engagement rings and explain the key differences. Focus on shapes, colours and finer details. Remember that the stone is the most important feature, but don’t underestimate the setting either!

Get familiar with current trends

An engagement ring should be a timeless piece that will stand the test of time, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be chic and fashionable. From unique shapes and double halos to settings made from mix metals, new trends are transforming traditional design each year so you'll need to know what is on-trend before you go shopping.

Know the four C's

You can’t go wrong if you decide to buy a diamond, but you need to master the knowledge of the famed four C’s: colour, clarity, cut and carat. Knowing these criteria will help you pick the best ring within your budget. For example if you opt for a simple cut you will be able to afford a bigger stone and if you want a very sparkly stone, then you can choose a smaller, multi-faceted sparkles encircled with a diamond halo.

Understand her personal style

Not all engagement rings are the same and not all girls are the same, so you really need to know her personal style well before you go shopping. Some girls are into big stones, others prefer discrete elegance. And while most of them are into classic designs there are a few who want to be different from everyone else. If you are not sure what your future fiancé likes, speak with her friends or ask her mum for an opinion. 

Value for money

Regardless of how big or small your budget is, it is essential to get the best possible value for money. It will become a family heirloom piece one day so make sure that you have invested your money in a quality piece. Don’t allow yourself an impulse purchase. Compare prices and designs before you make a final decision. Choose durable materials and opt for shapes that are hard to twist or damage. 

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