Must-Read Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

Your engagement is a big milestone in your life, so take some time to let it all sink in before you both start planning your wedding.

Tell your parents about the engagement

The first thing to do once you're engaged? Before you post that engagement ring selfie and start spreading the news via social media, call your parents because they deserve to find out first. There might also be a very good friend who would love to hear it from you directly instead of finding out via social media. 

Take some time to enjoy life before you start planning

Don’t rush into wedding planning! Allow yourself some time to celebrate the fact that you are engaged. It is a big milestone for both of you, so you really need some time to let the idea slowly sink in. Starting with wedding planning straight away can be too soon! 

Be ready to tell your engagement story over and over again

Once you spread the news to your friends and family, everyone will want to know the details about your engagement. Be prepared for this and have the possible answers ready. Don’t commit to inviting anyone to the wedding and don’t ask anyone to be a member of your bridal party at this early stage. 

Discuss your vision of the big day together

Don’t turn into a bridezilla who becomes obsessed with the wedding and plans everything by herself without consulting her fiancé. Talk to each other, exchange your opinions and establish some common ground. 

Set your priorities and decide what is worth splurging on

You and your fiancé should have a shared vision of your big day and agree on what is worth spending more money on. Sit down, set your priorities and then determine your budget. At this early stage you can also draft a guest list and get the idea of the size of your event. 

Don’t share everything on social media

Being engaged should be one of the happiest times in your life, so focus on each other rather than on your social media. Disclosing too much information online may lead to many awkward situations that involve unwanted advice and maybe even self-invited wedding guests

Don’t let the wedding planning change your relationship

Even though planning a wedding might take all of your spare time, it is important to go on date nights and do all those fun things you always love doing together. If you are too overwhelmed, consider hiring a wedding planner or delegate tasks to your wedding party. 

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