Engagement Shoot Locations

The location you choose should inspire you and your photographer, so pick a spot with a variety of backdrops!

Engagement Shoot Locations | The Evoke Company
The Evoke Company

Can you imagine the two of you dancing on a remote beach, or enjoying a picnic in the countryside? Perhaps you are playing hopscotch in a playground, recreating a scene from your favourite movie or just chilling at home? Your engagement shoot location should be a place where you feel comfortable, so don’t force yourselves to do something which is out of character for you just because you want fabulous engagement photos. Whether it is a place you love hanging out, a spot where you first kissed, or just a beautiful location you recently discovered, it should be an environment that inspires you and provides different photo backdrops. You should have a few ideas and your professional photographer will help you pick the best place and make the most of it.

Engagement Shoot Locations | The Evoke Company
The Evoke Company

Meaningful Places

Many couples like to choose a spot that has a symbolic meaning. Rewind your love story and think of the places that are significant to you both. Brainstorm and write the ideas down. Perhaps you have a favourite beach or a park where you have spent a lot of magical moments together? Or you would like to go back to your old school or university where you first met or have fun at the amusement park together? Make a list of locations that inspire you and try to imagine which one would look good on photos. Ask your photographer for an opinion.

Inspirational Interiors

But perhaps you prefer atmospheric photos in cosy indoor spaces? A good professional photographer can create stunning photos of the two of you just sitting in your favourite bar, but you can also rent a room in your favourite boutique hotel or just stay at home. If you like spending time in a bookshop, then perhaps this is an ideal engagement shoot location for you. You can also take pictures in a museum, cake shop or a restaurant with a view. Alternatively, you can even make great snaps in a studio where you will have the ideal lighting and with a few photo props, the photos will definitely look fun!

Effective Backdrops

If you prefer a cityscape to a natural landscape or an indoor space, then look for effective urban backdrops. A coloured wall can look fabulous, especially if the light is good and you pick outfits that complement your background. You can also try to find a pretty staircase, a brick wall, a piece of architecture you admire, a beautiful entrance door, or take some snaps under the bridge. You can combine these outdoor snaps with some cool indoor ones if you want to have a variety.

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