Taking Care Of Your Rings

Your engagement ring and wedding bands are precious and you need to take good care of them after the big day. Here is how to keep them safe, clean and shiny…

Insure your rings

First thing you need to do it to insure your engagement ring and wedding bands. Make sure to check exactly what the insurance covers before you purchase the policy, and have your rings appraised every five years because the price of diamonds and precious metals tend to rise and insurance money may not be able to cover the costs.

Keep them clean

You want your rings to look clean and sparkly, so make sure that you remove any grease or dirt from them. Diamond rings can be washed with a mix of ammonia and cold water, while other gemstones can be cleaned with a mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. If you want to ensure that your rings are thoroughly cleaned, take them to a professional jewellery cleaner.

Take them to your jeweller regularly

Experts recommend that you should see your jeweller one to two times a year. Ring maintenance is necessary if you want your rings to last. Your jeweller will check the setting, inspect the stone and can also professionally clean the ring. Remember that your settings can loosen over time and regular check-ups will ensure that you don’t lose your precious stone.

Take them off occasionally

You will wear your rings everyday but there are some occasions when it is better to take them off. Protect them from harsh chemicals when washing the dishes or cleaning the house and leave them at home before you go to the swimming pool or a gym. You should also take them off if you are planning to do gardening or some other physical work.

Store them correctly

To ensure that your rings are safe while you are not wearing them, keep them in a soft pouch or in a quality jewellery box. Since you don’t want them to be scratched by other pieces of jewellery, it is best to store them in a separate pouch or compartment. This is especially important if you have a diamond ring, because it should be kept away from other jewellery. And if you are planning a beach holiday, consider storing it in a safe.

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