How To Plan A Surprise Wedding

Do you want something a little less formal than a traditional wedding and something a little more exciting than elopement? Here is how to organise the perfect surprise wedding!

How To Plan A Surprise Wedding | Hannah Blackmore
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Organising a surprise wedding means that there will be no presents, no pre-wedding parties and no formal invitations, but you are guaranteed to have a party everyone will talk about! The key advantage is that you will avoid all that fuss of planning a traditional wedding which means spending spending less money. Read our 5 useful tips on how to plan a surprise wedding

1. It should be top secret

The more people know about it, the bigger the chances your secret will be revealed. Since you will need help organising a surprise wedding, you can choose one person and tell them about your plans, but make sure it is someone who knows how to keep a secret. Brides usually choose one of their close friends and avoid confiding in family members because it is more likely they will spread the news and ruin the surprise.

2. Think of the perfect cover event

Nobody should suspect anything, but you have to have a good reason to gather everyone. An engagement party is the perfect excuse, but it can also be a birthday party, a family gathering, or even a pre-planned holiday with friends and family members.

3. Hire a wedding planner

This is essential unless you want a very informal gathering. Since most of your friends and family members won’t have a clue on what is going on, you need someone to help you organise the event, so why not hire a professional to do the job! It will definitely take the stress out of the planning process.

4. Prepare your bridal party

Tell your bridesmaids and groomsmen that there will be a photo shoot before the party so that they come prepared. Your girls will want to have their hair and make-up done for the wedding day snaps! Yes, they will be surprised, but make sure that it is a good surprise.

5. Style it smartly

Since it is a surprise wedding, you can be as creative as you like with the theme and decorations. While some brides prefer traditional wedding décor, others like to channel their own style and make it more like a cool outdoor banquet, an elegant dinner or a laid-back party. The choice of décor will also depend on the venue you have chosen, so let it inspire you!

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