Coloured Stone Engagement Ring Guide

Engagement rings with coloured stones are becoming an increasingly popular choice over diamonds. Think of all those fabulous rings by Tiffany & Co., Chopard, Cartier and Harry Winston with red rubies, green emeralds and blue sapphires.

Tiffany & Co.

Bright hues are very chic and are an exquisite choice for fashion-forward brides who prefer a unique engagement ring to a classic diamond sparkler. From Kate Middleton’s royal blue sapphire to Jessica Simpson’s red ruby, many celebrities are sporting a coloured stone engagement ring instead of a diamond; so read our coloured gemstone guide to find some inspiration.

Pick Your Favourite Colour

If you want an engagement ring with a coloured stone, you should choose the colour you love to wear. Would you rather pick regal blue, bright red, lemon yellow, deep plum or blush pink? Think about your personal style and tones that look good on you. When you choose the colour, you can pick a stone and find a shade that works best for you. Most gemstones come in a variety of hues, so you can find many different options that fit into your budget.


Tiffany & Co.

According to statistics, blue is by far the most loved colour and it is commonly associated with love, fidelity, friendship and loyalty. Even though we are used to clear diamonds, they actually come in different colours including all shades of blue. If you want a truly unique engagement ring, a blue diamond is a very sophisticated choice. You could also choose a blue sapphire which varies from extremely dark to very light shades, while the rock has extreme hardness.

Light blue shades of aquamarine – which symbolises youth and happiness complements many different skin tones, hair and eye colour. This gemstone is also associated with good feelings such as sympathy and trust which makes it a perfect choice for an engagement ring.


Fairfax & Roberts

Red is the colour of love, passion, vitality and power, and it is a brave but stunning choice for an engagement ring.

Ruby is a very fashionable gemstone at the moment and it makes a beautiful contrast with sparkly white diamonds. It is considered one of the most precious stones on earth with its vivid colour, excellent hardness, and dazzling brilliance. It is a red variety of mineral corundum which has elements of chrome, titanium, iron and vanadium, which are responsible for its colouring.

You can also choose red diamond, rubellite, spinel or even bright red garnet which can be found in beautiful antique rings. In ancient times the garnet was worn as a talisman as it was believed that it protects the wearer from evil forces and disasters.


EverettBrookes Jewellers

Green is also a colour of love, but also life, nature, beauty and spring. In ancient Rome it was associated with Venus, the goddess of love and today it is connected with harmony and joie de vivre.

Emeralds are fabulous gemstones that come in the most vivid shades of green and if they are top quality, they can even be more valuable than diamonds. Vedas believed that emeralds have healing powers and the ability to improve your overall well-being.

An emerald is a great choice for your engagement ring if you want something chic and different, but also timeless. You can also opt for other green stones such as tourmalines, sapphires, garnets and diamonds.

Purple & Pink

Purple & Pink
Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers

Purple is the symbol of spirituality and intellect. It is a very beautiful and complex colour that blends together blue and red which is why it is very sophisticated, elegant and bourgeois. Amethyst is the most famous lilac stone. It was believed that it had miraculous powers and that it protects from evil forces, brings good fortune and inspires intellect. If you want a purple stone for your engagement ring choose from sapphire, kunzite, spinel, rhodolite or tourmaline.

Fine pink tones are perfect for women who want something with feminine charm and delicate softness. From blush shades of rose quartz to vivid hues of pink topaz, this is a very ladylike choice. Morganite is a good alternative to a real diamond as it comes in pinkish hues.

Yellow & Orange

Yellow & Orange
Showcase Jewellers

From citrines and diamonds in bright yellow to orange tourmalines, warm citrus shades can also work well for engagement rings. Yellow is very warm and cheerful and it is very popular with celebrities.

Among many others, Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring with a very sparkly yellow diamond and Jenny McCarthy’s ring with massive yellow sapphire are particularly dashing.

You can also go for light brown or champagne shades of garnet, beryl or smoky quartz which often have that irresistible antique charm.


Larsen Jewellery

Finally, black is a very daring choice of colour when it comes to engagement rings, but it is also very stylish. The combination of a black diamond in the centre and a platinum band decorated with tiny clear diamonds is incredibly elegant and fashion forward, even though it isn’t a popular choice for engagement rings.

Black diamonds make a striking and bold fashion statement, not for the light-hearted. It is a stong women who chooses to wear a black engagement ring for life. We love them!

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