Five Ways To Announce Your Engagement

Now that you are engaged, it is time to tell everyone about your big news. While tradition dictates that the bride’s parents should announce the engagement in the local newspaper, modern couples often opt for alternative ways to break the news.

The face-to-face announcement is ideal for your parents and closest friends and family, while others can be informed by phone, email or via your wedding website. You can also wait until the engagement party to tell everyone your exciting news.

1. Advertise it in the paper

If you want to announce your engagement the traditional way, simply publish an advertisement in the local newspaper. Your ad should include all the relevant information such as your names, the names of your parents and your hometowns. You don’t need to publish the date of the wedding, but it is appropriate to state the year and season. If you have friends and family members living in different states, you may need to place multiple announcements.

2. Post it via mail

Snail mail is another charming, old-fashioned way to tell everyone you are engaged to be married. From quirky postcards to classic letters, your friends and family will appreciate the effort to announce the happy news in such a romantic way, but make sure that all the recipients will be invited to your wedding. You can either post a simple announcement or send a save-the-date card that discloses the date of your wedding.

3. Use the phone

If you want to deliver the news in person, but some of your friends and family live far away, the telephone is a great alternative way to announce your engagement. This is also a great way to invite guests to your engagement party, while it is still appropriate to use snail mail for the save-the-date and RSVP cards as well as wedding invitations.

4. Break the news online

While sharing the news on social media isn’t considered personal enough for this type of announcement, the most popular way to publish the news online is via your wedding website. You can create a web page on, and then simply send the URL to your friends and family via email. Since this is an informal way to break the news, you could also use one of the more traditional methods as well.

5. Announce it at a party

Telling the big news at a party is a great idea! You can either disclose the reason for the party in your invitations, or keep it a secret until the toasts. If you are determined to surprise your guests, think of a faux reason for throwing a party. It can be anything from a summer barbecue to a Christmas party, and to make sure that the news will be top secret until the event, don’t tell anyone including your closest friends.

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