Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Being one of the rarest and most mysterious gemstones on earth, the black diamond is a very unique choice for an engagement ring.

Black diamonds are dark and opaque, unlike a traditional diamond and nobody knows its true origin. Many geologists claim that it came from interstellar space about three billion years ago, and you can find it only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

The Carrie Bradshaw effect

The Carrie Bradshaw effect
Itay Malkin

Even though it is believed that it brings good luck, this precious gem wasn’t popular for engagement rings until the twenty first century. The most iconic engagement ring with a black diamond is the one Mr Big gave to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City movie when he finally popped the question. “Because you are not like anyone else”, he said to explain why he had chosen the black stone, and these words are perfectly describing the type of bride who should wear this kind of ring.

Carrie’s 5 carat black diamond ring was designed by jeweller Itay Malkin and it was created in collaboration with costume designer Patricia Field and actress Sarah Jessica Parker. The setting was made from 18-carat white gold and 80 round white pave diamonds. This $10,000 ring immediately became a must-have and influenced a brand new bridal trend.

Choose the right design

Choose the right design
Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers

Since your engagement ring is the most significant piece of jewellery in your life, which you will want to wear in years to come, don’t make a rushed decision. Choose the design you love, whether it is trendy or not. A black diamond is still considered to be rather eccentric when it comes to engagement rings, but perhaps it suits you better than the traditional colourless one. It looks great on pale skin and you can choose between various settings to make it look brighter.

Black stone engagement rings can be extremely stylish and elegant and we think that they look especially good when paired with a delicate platinum setting and a circle of tiny white diamonds. The setting can also be in yellow or rose gold and you can accent your central stone with two clear diamonds on each side. Finally, you can match the ring with your wedding bands in the same style.

A lower price is another asset of a black diamond engagement ring. These stones are considerably cheaper than regular diamonds and you can find a fabulous 2-carat rock in a platinum setting for less than $5,000.

Onyx and black spinel can create the same visual effect as black diamonds, and they were very popular in the jewellery business during the jazz era in the twenties. We are obsessed with the Ziegfeld collection from Tiffany & Co. inspired by Tiffany’s archival pieces from the 1920s that feature some amazing pieces with black stones. From chic oval pendants and carved cocktail rings in black onyx to a gorgeous sterling silver ring with black spinel encircled by round brilliant diamonds, which would make a perfect engagement ring, this collection is an elegant tribute to the roaring twenties.

Shopping tips

Shopping tips
Tiffany & Co.

When buying a black diamond engagement ring, you should make sure that the stone is genuine. Natural black diamonds are more expensive and harder to find, so before you purchase your ring, check if it is the real thing. It is best to take it to a gem test laboratory to confirm origin and colour, but you can also examine the stone yourself. Observe the edges to see if there are some scratches or difference in colour, which indicates that the colour might not be genuine. Black diamonds are rated as AAA, AA or A with the first category referring to the highest quality.

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